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Readers' Choice: Vote for Your Favorite Coffee Spot

We're looking for the best place to grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer) in Redondo Beach.

Patch is relaunching its Readers' Choice program, and we're asking you, your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and anyone else who knows about the area to participate.

Coffee shops used to be about the food and maybe even the coffee. Now, they're just as much floating offices, hangouts, wifi providers and charging stations as they are purveyors of caffeine, and each one has its own peculiar vibe.

LA Times Readers Choice So what's your favorite coffee spot in Redondo Beach? Here are the nominees:
  • Catalina Coffee Company
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Coffee Cartel
  • Eat at Joe's
  • Green Roast Coffee
  • Neighborhood Grinds
  • Peel's Coffee & Tea

LA Times Readers Choice August 13, 2012

Congratulations on being voted a Regional Winner in the Los Angeles Times 2012 Readers' Choice Awards. With more than 35,000 total votes cast, it's an incredible achievement to have your business named as a favorite by Los Angeles Times readers.

Kathy Thomson
President, Los Angeles Times

For true java junkies who care not only about what they drink but where they drink it, a coffeehouse is often a home away from home. For some it may even be home. But not everyone goes for the mismatched furniture and thrift store ambience of some of the funkier java joints, nor do they enjoy sitting in the sterile setting of corporate coffee companies such as Starbucks of the Coffee Bean & tea Leaf. Fortunately for the in-between crowd, there's Catalina Coffee Co. in Redondo Beach.

The Buzz: Comfortable yet classy, the semi upscale Catalina is one of the newer, nicer coffee houses in the area. The Roots: Formerly the retro-shabby chic Yesterday's, which was also a caffeine emporium, the boxy building on Catalina Avenue, not far from Pacific Coast Highway, was completely remodeled by the new owners, who brewed up a whole different environment. CCC opened about 9 months ago and seems to be catching on. This ain't Yesterdays.

The Look: Homey - but like a new home, not a well worn one. Aside from the coffee roaster by the main entrance and the deli style counter. the feel is more like a residence than a commercial enterprise. Little gatherings of living room chairs, couches and tables actually match or compliment, rather than clash with each other, There's a big flagstone fireplace, and even an oversized chess set. In the back room, there's a veritable library. The hardcover and paperback books stocking the shelves aren't just for reading, they're actually for sale too.

The Clientele: A variety of folks seem to feel at home, in Catalina, including preoccupied students with their laptops, gossiping girlfriends sipping lattes, and folks curled up on couches with their books and biscotti.

Where There's NO Smoke: Out front on the patio, where there are also some tables and chairs. The area is lit by the white icicle lights hanging on the outer side of the building

On Tap: Coffee and Teas are the only brews in this non alcohol establishment. Juices, soft drinks, bottled waters and other beverages comprise the rest of the drinks. tasty sandwiches and salads are also featured, and even daily specials, such as a curried chicken salad. And of course, there are sweets, baked goods and other sugar laden snacks that go so well with a cappuccino - or a cup a joe for that matter.

The Beach Reporter - August 30, 2001 - by Jennifer Evans

A new look and new name for an old coffeehouse New ownership has brought many new changes to the coffee house formerly known as Yesterdays in Redondo Beach. Located at 126 Catalina Ave., the business has been totally revamped with a new look and a new name, the Catalina Coffee Company.

When Ellen Brown and her son, Jeff Sallee, bought Yesterdays in 1999, they kept the original name and look of the coffee house for a year before deciding to make any alterations.

"We wanted to make it a neighborhood gathering place," Brown said.

"There are 2,000 residents who live within walking distance of here, and we like it to be a place they can come and enjoy themselves."

The newly renovated coffeehouse has a working fireplace, new furniture, newly painted walls and new floors. The book-cases were hand made by Sallee.

"Most of the books we have are mysteries and thrillers," Brown said.

"We wanted to stick with one genre." brown and her family, along with Arix Design, are responsible for the interior face lift of Catalina Coffee Co." The store has been described as comfortably classy" Brown said.

On a recent day at the store, nearby resident Sarah Kim was found with her legs curled under her reading a book on a big chair next to the fireplace. Kim said that since the new ownership the coffeehouse has been more inviting.

"It has a very comfortable feel, "Kim said.

"I feel like I am in a friend's loft in New York." Catalina Coffee Company. roasts its own beans and the owners hope to eventually sell its customers its own brand of coffee. "There is such a difference in the taste when you roast your own beans," Brown said.

As well as coffee drinks, the shop also serves chai tea, smoothies, specialty desserts, and baked goods prepared in the store. "In the future we would like to do more food," Brown said.

"Right now we're just getting a feel for what people like."

Richard and Florence Buyser, who live in the area, have become customers of Catalina Coffee Co." We were anticipating the opening for months," Florence said.

Entertainment for the coffeehouse is on the way, but is expected to be more of an irregular occurrence. "I don't want to have to force entertainment to be booked here on a regular schedule," Brown said.
"I want it to be more of a special occurrence."

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